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Unit 6 Plaza Level Dubai Opera House
Kohantei is the UAE's only Japanese fine dining 'Kaiseki' experience.

Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, our traditional Japanese restaurant serves up delicate and elegant dishes using the finest produce, personally sourced from Japan. We embody the centuries old tradition of Omotenashi - the spirit of Japanese hospitality - and offer our diners a multi-course menu, hand-crafted from the freshest seasonal ingredients.

We invite you to step into the heart of traditional Japan, where an inimitable, culinary oasis awaits. From the handmade and storied Japanese artwork adorning the walls, to the authentic sliding shoji doors and tatami flooring, our serene restaurant has been lovingly curated to provide a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

With three private dining rooms and an exclusive banqueting area with five tables, Kohantei will take you on an intimate culinary journey that pays homage to the true essence of Japanese culture.