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Geometria Lab


Pier 7, 2nd Floor, Dubai Marina
12:00 – 02:00
Mamazonia mamazoniais located on the 2nd floor of Pier 7, flooding the popular dining destination with lush Amazonian inspirations. Mysterious and sophisticated, this urban jungle features bold flavors of a tropical fare. The team prepares delicious hand-crafted cocktails. Visitors can enjoy the roaring DJ entertainment, in a generous landscape of lively foliage.

Mamazonia is a great place to meet friends and to play, where a certain sense of danger arouses the excitement, where people can be free to be themselves. Mamazonia offers fancy dining in the jungle without having to travel the distance. This brand-new spot at Dubai Marina offers the adventure.

Mama mamazoniaZonia, an Amazon rainforest-themed restaurant and bar is decked out with pleasant greenery, including a mango tree. There’s tropical wallpaper, creative hand-painted murals and an abundance of foliage, too. The stunning views can be admired across Dubai Marina. Mama Zonia stands in the space that previously held O Cacti, and promises to be a “tropical-chic” experience “inspired by an assortment of far-flung locations”.