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Russian Samovar
256 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

The Restaurant was founded on May 24, 1986, which is also the birthday of of the Nobel winning Russian poet Joseph Brodsky, who was the owner of the restaurant.

Russian Samovar is a little Russian island one block away from Broadway, where culture and tradition stay untouched. Joseph Brodsky opened the restaurant in partnership with a great entrepreneur Roman Kaplan and famous Russian ballet dancer Michael Baryshnikov. The restaurant then already had an interesting history: Frank Sinatra owned the place in the past. He had many personal concerts there and often spent time with his friends at this restaurant.

Keeping its charming tradition to be a favorite place for bohemian Russians, Samovar became a home for famous Russian poets and writers. For the last 15 years Russian Samovar has been a place for poetry reading.

The restaurant became a traditional place for special occasions for three generations of Russian immigrants. In a cozy atmosphere they can eat their favorite Russian food, meet musicians, actors, writers and different guests, coming from Russia.