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Russian Company ROCK STAGE together with Dj Shushukin announces  a sensational
creation of Canadian company Smithson Martin Inc - EMULATOR MULTI TOUCH CONTROLLER. So what is EMULATOR MULTI TOUCH CONTROLLER? Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that it’s the most progressive and revolutionary opening for DJs and producers lately!! EMULATOR – is the first-ever, not having analogs, transparent multi-touch screen with the high definition, with all functions of the professional DJ mixer. The patented technology of EMULATOR which is completely distinct from traditional touch screens, allows to carry out on the high-sensitivity display simultaneously up to 6 operations. For example, it is ideal to level some tracks, simultaneously cooperating with such aspects, as equalizers, loadings and effects that is absolutely necessary for the modern DJ. The existing version of Emulator supports Traktor Pro, but further it will be compatible with Virtual DJ, Ableton and Serato.
Operation system for the controller is Windows 7,a version specifically
for Mac OSX is currently under development. Important fact,  that EMULATOR  is ready to use and does not require any special programming or configuration, follow the basic set up instructions. Emulator is the most durable midi controller available as it is protected from mechanical breakages  (that assumes absence of broken faders)  and 100% moisture-resistant. It has no movable elements, therefore is supports extremely hard usage. Emulator Multi-Touch System has an extreme low latency, with our touch screen units the latency is only 6ms, that gives DJ to perform in real time.
Visual feedback always was a weak spot of controllers. With EMULATOR users
will experience all completeness of the visual interface and can easy switch off the monitors of the computers. At the same time no one controller ever before was so closely united with public who has now possibility to observe the creative process directly from a dance floor – all process of Dj’s work is displayed on both parties of screen EMULATOR! In other words, EMULATOR gives new life to the Art of DJ’ing, allowing the DJ to communicate and interact with audience. Besides, EMULATOR can include visual support elements of presentations for any kinds of events, and also be the advertizing vehicle.
Possibilities of multi-touch technologies are boundless. EMULATOR Multi
Touch Professional Dj System anew defines interrelation between the user and popular software for DJs and musicians. This control panel has been created for the only purpose – to make work more pleasant, effective and interesting. In a word, Emulator has collected in itself all that users waited for years – the Touch Controller with capital letter.
The exclusive right on representation of this unique product in Russia
is received by reputed SHUSHUKIN. Being the zealous follower of futurism, high technologies and developments in the field of music, musical software and Dj’ing, SHUSHUKIN always fanatically traces industry innovations. The result of his activity in its direction was  firsthand view of Smithson Martin Inc  developments which were then at a stage of creation of project Emulator, became result of its activity in this direction.
With the support of Russian company ROCK STAGE the contract on exclusive
distribution EMULATOR to Russia and the CIS has been concluded that at last has allowed to realize the idea of FUTURISTIC EMULATOR SHOW BY SHUSHUKIN and to present this unique MIDI-controller for wide audience. Against the general interest to EMULATOR MULTI TOUCH CONTROLLER in the world company ROCK STAGE and SHUSHUKIN are first to promote this unique product in the Russian club business ant to work up this market segment.
Looking like device from a fantastic film, this futuristic controller already
is a reality of Dj’ing and identify  a new Age in the musical industry which has inevitably come to replace vinyl records and other carriers.
It is the real sensation! The Future of DJ'ing Is Here!
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/14011668.jpg ]
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