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Geometria Lab

Mad Rush Game

[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/original/17393020.jpg ]

- HD graphics (iphone Retina + HD iPad)
- 10 Amazing unique opponents
- 10 Outstanding levels
- 3 unique types of gameplay (DieHard, Slalom and Nitro race)
- More than 30 races combined into a solid storyline campaign
- Special bonuses
- Epic soundtrack and dozen individual voices

Once upon a time, there lived a little rabbit. He grew up without his father,
who disappeared many years ago in a galactic racing tournament. But despite the rabbitХs small size and the absence of a father, he was born with a powerful force beating within his heart! Little did he know that when they are most needed, his powers would awaken from deep inside, helping him defend his home from the evil Mr. Storm, who has his sights set on destruction!

[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/thumbnail/17401604.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/thumbnail/17401601.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/thumbnail/17401602.jpg ]
[ http://files.geometria.ru/pics/thumbnail/17401603.jpg ]

learn more... http://www.madrushgame.com [ http://www.madrushgame.com ]
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